Alligator Photos

40 thoughts on “Alligator Photos

    • Thanks very much I really appreciate you looking at my photos! Yes the alligators are amazing animals.
      They often appear quite prehistoric. It’s the closest thing we have to a living dinosaur. 🙂

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and liking “Lavender”. You have fabulous images posted on your blog. I look forward to seeing more! Please stop by my blog again soon!

    • Oh yeah that’s them alright. The tourists ABSOLUTELY LOSE THEIR MINDS over the alligators! All traces of common sense are completely gone over a gator sighting. We have one area in a state park where it’s possible that an alligator will walk right out into a roadway. This summer I saw a woman walk up to an 8 foot alligator and she was holding a camera in one hand and had a small dog on a leash in the other hand! Un-freakin-real!
      We suspect the tourists believe they are in Disney World and that these are cartoon gators that will break out into a song and dance routine at any moment.
      These are wild animals, and although not extremely aggressive toward people by nature are still unpredictable. By Sept. of this year I had it with one tourist and trust me I was not nice to him.

  2. and she was’t worried that her little lap dog would the the gator’s desert? jesus, people are INCOMPREHENSIBLE, ignorant and have no respect. we have a saying in Greek=(to ksilo vgike apo ton paradiso) which means literally “beating someone up comes out of paradise” i.e. some people really need a good slap to knock sense into them. I think the saying must have been created with your tourists in mind

  3. Thanks for checking me out. Our life on Black Creek is a wildlife adventure, which I try to capture with “in the moment” snapshot type photos. Yours however, are superb.

    • Thanks very much for your visit here and I greatly appreciate your kind comments.
      My approach to wildlife is similar, I attempt to show natural behavior as it really happened.

  4. All I can say is wow wow wow. What a talent to get such wonderful shots. You must get such a rush! How do you feel about painters trying to paint some of your prints?

  5. Hi, I like your photos! The American Alligator is my favorite animal. I was looking for for a few photos to.use as references for my drawings, and these look good.

    • I’m glad you like the alligator photos Rachel and hope they help with your drawings.
      Be sure to click on Alligator under the Categories on the right side for many more all different photos of these big guys.

  6. nice pictures of our friend Mr A, like the one where his belly is almost dragging on the ground, wish that creepy dentist was in there.

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