Mink Photos



17 thoughts on “Mink Photos

  1. So glad we met you today taking pictures of the alligator and birds on the causeway at Huntington Beach Park!
    Thanks for your card-we are passing it on.
    Joyce and Frank Luff–Hagely Estates, Pawleys Island, SC

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  3. Oh my goodness! These photos are gorgeous. They’re some of the cutest mink pictures on the Internet :). I love the red highlights in this mink’s fur and the way he looks so intently at this obviously-not-weasel-proof body of water. Where were the photos taken?

    • Well thank you so much I’m thrilled you enjoyed these mink photos! I have so many more I really should get them posted.
      These were taken in the coastal South Carolina area in and around salt marshes.
      Thanks very much for looking!

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