Morning Muckness

Went to check out the marsh pond and the swamp this morning. We received a report yesterday that some spoonbills had arrived and sure enough, at the far back edge of the pond we saw 8 fresh spoonbills cavorting about in all their pink glory. 

Well, since they were way too far off to be successfully photographed, this lone alligator hanging out in the marsh muck had to do for today.

It did not look like an extremely comfortable area in which to relax, but what do I know? Our gator friend might have loved it! 


Found A New Friend

The momma alligators in the swamp have been bringing their babies out for a few weeks now. Once they grow a tiny bit older, mom will leave them alone at times. 

This little guy found himself a comfy spot that had a ray of morning sun peeking through. It didn’t take long for his special secret to be discovered by one of the local turtles. The little gator didn’t mind at all though, in fact he seemed pleased to have already found himself a new friend. 

Most everyone appears happy that a small slice of Spring is beginning to show up! 

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas…and may 2023 be a happy and healthy one for all! 

Still Here…

Even though we’re closing in on December, we still have a few spoonbills hanging around the salt marsh.

They have been seen in among the assorted remaining wood storks, but here’s one juvenile by itself jumping off from the marsh mud! 

“Hey Pal, Watch Your Feet!”

Well, the white pelicans are in and as usual they are dividing into little groups to fish the marsh pond area. 

At one point, a great blue heron came gliding in and almost clipped the head of the pelican on the right. 

You can see the big guy duck to avoid getting whacked, but once the heron landed it was back to normal fishing procedure! 

Misty Morning

Yesterday we stopped over to the salt marsh just to see if anything was going on. The tide was fairly high so not optimal conditions for many of the wading birds. Although a few of the usual suspects, egrets, and great blue herons were around, the spoonbills and wood storks had already taken to the trees in the back corner of the pond.

However, our friendly neighborhood bald eagle was on scene sitting atop one of his favorite trees. He had a look on his face as if to say, ‘What took y’all so long?’ 

I was hoping to catch the jump off which he was happy to promptly provide, but he changed his usual flight pattern on me. Rather than the standard jump, dip low, then fly forward, this time I was fooled by a very quick jet to the right and fly off. Lucky for me the eagle did do a circle back with an overhead flight providing me with one more photo opportunity.

I’ll be sure to check back soon though as the weather improves, a light mist and fog were not exactly the perfect conditions, but I can’t complain too much, at least he waited for me! 

Shrimp For Breakfast?

Earlier this morning we saw a snowy egret enjoying an early trip to his favorite dining spot, the salt marsh. On this day however, the only item on the menu was shrimp. But this plucky snowy knows where to find the freshest seafood in town.

Not only is the food fresh, no cooking is even required, he loves it still wriggling around! 

On The Float

Checking back over in the swamp, we find another alligator casually enjoying the warm sun on his back. Heating up will be an important part of the day’s activities (or lack thereof) as he slowly begins to emerge from his lair and wait for feeding time.

It will likely be another few weeks until the full on hunt for food becomes a major driving urge for him and his friends in the swamp. Soon, some might make their way over to the salt marsh area where visions of fresh crab will be dancing in their heads!