Blending In…At First

Nice warm day with clear, bright blue sky and this great blue heron was doing a nice job of laying low and blending in among the reeds at the salt marsh.

But, as soon as he decides to jump off in search of greener pastures (or in his case, nicer fish) the cover is blown and his presence is immediately detected in the wide open spaces of the sky. 

GBH Nice Day 01

GBH Nice Day 02

Fishing Practice

This morning we were watching a couple of young brown pelicans working their fishing techniques over at the salt marsh.

Brown pelican fishing has to be hard on the head, as their method basically consists of diving down face first into the water and hoping to come up with some fish as a reward!

Although the birds we saw were indeed juveniles, even as adults they will continue to feed in much the same way. Some practice is required however…as it does take a bit of practice to refine the technique, making it hopefully less stressful on their heads.

Juv Brown Pelican Fishing 01

Juv Brown Pelican Fishing 02

Juv Brown Pelican Fishing 03

Red Moon Rising

I stayed up a bit late last night to see the blood red super wolf moon eclipse (or whatever the heck it’s called) and wouldn’t you know it would turn out to be our coldest night of the Winter so far. In fact I’m still cold.

The eclipse was kind of cool, and the moon eventually started taking on a reddish color, but I only stayed out briefly to get a few quick grab shots.

We do have an owl that often hangs out in one of our nearby trees but I suppose I would have needed night vision equipment to capture him, so that accounts for the lack wildlife photos in this post, moon only! 

red moon 02

Winter Wear

On yet another bright sunny day (prior to the arctic blast expected for Monday) We found a Little Blue Heron playing around in the marsh pond.

The little blues start out life as all white juveniles, then progress to a patchwork of blue and white (“tweeners”) before becoming deep blue colored adults with a maroon neck.

This individual however, was a bit different. He was a sort of pale grey with only a slight blush of red on his neck. I was thinking that this little blue was past his tweener phase and might be exhibiting some winter plumage on his way to full adulthood.

I expect to see him and all his friends all fully decked out and colorful this Spring!

lbh in marsh pond 01

lbh in marsh pond 02

lbh in marsh pond 03


Strutting His Stuff

Earlier this week in the salt marsh, we had a great blue heron showing off for the world.

Maybe it was the bright sunshine, but the thing about blue herons is that they always think they have an audience even when they don’t.

This day was no different, we were the only ones around to potentially impress.

Although…to be fair, we were sort of impressed.  🙂

gbh struts in salt marsh 01

gbh struts in salt marsh 02

gbh struts in salt marsh 03 



Best Not To Wake Him…

Looking back at the swamp yesterday, we find one of the big boys snoozing the day away in the warm sun. He was all tucked in among the grass, reeds, and other assorted muck found in that area. 

I kind of suspect that this is ‘his’ spot and nobody is allowed to disturb him.

I don’t know about you, but I think just leaving him alone with his nap is the best plan. 

do not wake

Afternoon Get Together

It was unseasonably warm today so we decided to head over to the swamp and see who might be out and about.

Well, it looked like three large turtles and one small alligator had reservations at the same table for a lunch time meeting.

It’s always pleasant to be able get outdoor seating when the sun is shining on a wonderfully warm January day!


Happy 2019!

Well…I can’t believe another year has passed and most excitingly, in wildlife world, we still have some Roseate Spoonbills hanging around the marsh.

It’s been 10 years since the spoonies have regularly started visiting the area, and in all that time they have never stayed later than a day or two into December, and now we have a surprising New Year’s Day appearance!

Now we are wondering if some will think about staying through the winter rather heading south as they normally have in the past.

In any case, we are thrilled they seem to be happy with their January home at least for now.

Also had to include one of the ‘regulars’ a great blue heron, that remains a constant source of beauty and amusement.

Happy New Year everyone!