Happy 2019!

Well…I can’t believe another year has passed and most excitingly, in wildlife world, we still have some Roseate Spoonbills hanging around the marsh.

It’s been 10 years since the spoonies have regularly started visiting the area, and in all that time they have never stayed later than a day or two into December, and now we have a surprising New Year’s Day appearance!

Now we are wondering if some will think about staying through the winter rather heading south as they normally have in the past.

In any case, we are thrilled they seem to be happy with their January home at least for now.

Also had to include one of the ‘regulars’ a great blue heron, that remains a constant source of beauty and amusement.

Happy New Year everyone!






Merry Christmas!

Alyce and I and the whole gang here at the marsh and the beach want to wish all our special blog friends a very joyful, safe, healthy, and Merry Christmas, and all the best for the coming New Year!

photo (61)


White Pelicans Fall Visit

This past November we had three American White Pelicans show up in the marsh pond for a short visit.

At times they stayed to themselves in a tight little group, but at other times it sure looked like they were having a lot of fun flying and splashing around with the various birds including cormorants, gulls, herons, and egrets.

Always enjoy seeing these very large birds arrive in our area. They are not rare, but they are uncommon, so it’s a treat for sure!

White Pelicans Fall Visit 01

White Pelicans Fall Visit 02

White Pelicans Fall Visit 03

White Pelicans Fall Visit 04



Patrolling the Salt Marsh

I’ve been away a while I know…

A hundred times I’ve wanted to start a new post, but somehow the time never seemed quite right or at least I couldn’t make it right.

But looks like today was finally the day to make it happen.

It was a mild December afternoon and we decided to get in some motorcycle riding time, and headed over to the salt marsh area.

We almost didn’t stop because there didn’t seem to be a whole lot going on, just the usual egrets and blue herons fussing at one another.

But we did stop, and as soon as we started walking toward the marsh area we noticed about a dozen small snowy egrets all rapidly taking flight in a panic. We’ve seen this behavior before and it often means a bald eagle is entering the nearby air space.

Turns out that’s exactly the case and the eagle was headed straight in our direction. He took a few quick glances at the water below but it was clear he wasn’t fishing. As soon as I saw the landing gear being deployed, I knew he was headed for one of the pines at the edge of the marsh.

Sure enough, the eagle pointed those big sky hooks at one of the branches and dropped in for a bit of preening in the sun.

After about 20 minutes, the big guy took flight and left his tree. He did two or three circles over head then headed off north quite possibly toward a nearby tidal pond where some ducks were sighted yesterday.

So it was a good day today. Got in some bike riding time and saw a bonus eagle.

Nice way to get back into blog posting, we’ll see how long it lasts…


Bald Eagle Patrols The Salt Marsh 01

Bald Eagle Patrols The Salt Marsh 02

Bald Eagle Patrols The Salt Marsh 03

Bald Eagle Patrols The Salt Marsh 04

Bald Eagle Patrols The Salt Marsh 05

Bald Eagle Patrols The Salt Marsh 06

Bald Eagle Patrols The Salt Marsh 07

Bald Eagle Patrols The Salt Marsh 08




Big Bird Big Splash

Over at the salt marsh this morning we heard a big splash behind us. We turned just in time to see it was a brown pelican who was making another huge splash leaving just as fast as he arrived.



Snack Time

I spent a bit of time at the salt marsh this afternoon watching an active tricolored heron with a voracious appetite.

He was snatching up tiny fish and glass shrimp faster than you could count.

You know how it goes with snacking, you start off with the intention of having ‘just a few’ and the next thing you know you’ve eaten a whole marsh full. 🙂




Recent Visitors

It’s been fairly quiet over at the marsh recently, but here are a few visitors that we have seen coming and going.

We had a great blue heron patiently waiting for a nice fish to swim into his hunting area.

There was also an egret snacking on some glass shrimp right at the edge of the salt marsh, and an adult brown pelican bathing.

We are still waiting for our local bald eagle couple to begin feeding their baby(s) and that could provide some excitement.




Just A Bit Windy Out There Today

We had a nice steady breeze coming off the ocean along the salt marsh this afternoon, and this snowy egret seems to have caught a little back draft.

Of course snowys, being snowys, tend to be excitable even in calm conditions but either way this guy soon smoothed himself back down.