Gliding In

Earlier I was watching this adult brown pelican flying circles around the marsh area during high tide.

I waited for a bit until the big guy came gliding in right toward me just above the water level. I wondered if he was using his wing tips to help judge the proper flight height. Humm…”Flight Height”, sounds like a great name for new flying app.  🙂 

Quiet Morning

I did a quick stop over by the salt marsh this morning and there was a pretty good crowd of the usual suspects in the area. Great blue and great white egrets, white ibis, a ton of wood storks and a few alligators. But I only saw one young spoonbill who was fishing there in the marsh at low tide.

On the way out I also grabbed a shot of an anhinga that had just finished an underwater prowl and was now fluffing her feathers.

It was good to see a variety of wildlife all in the same area with one stop shopping! 


Summer Spoonbills

We have had several of our pink visitors coming and going in the area the past month or so, and you never know where they will show up.

Earlier we caught this one just as he was coming in for a landing in the salt marsh. Always great fun to see these colorful birds with their spatula shaped bills drop in!

Food Fight!

We were at the salt marsh at the inlet watching some brown pelicans flying, fishing, napping, and just in general being pelicans. Some were scavenging for food when one juvenile came up with a fish. This quickly attracted a crowd which included one particularly aggressive adult. After a brief scuffle, the older bird managed to gain possession of the prize and had his victory snack to enjoy!







Merry Christmas!

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2021 is a better year for all of our friends and family out there.




Spoonies Are Back!

The beach and salt marsh area had only been opened by the state about two weeks, and after hearing reports of Roseate Spoonbill sightings we had to head over and check out the scene.

Well there were indeed several spoonbills out feeding during low tide. One of the older birds was off by himself having a delightful time scooping up numerous amounts of fish and shrimp. After a short time another younger spoonie came flying in to join the fun. That did not initially go over too well with our more mature friend who concluded it was time to express his displeasure by attempting to bite the leg of the newcomer. He just barely missed with that one, but the message was received.

Just before we left, yet another of the big, pink visitors came in for a landing. Now it’s only a matter of waiting to see if they end up sticking around for the entire season. In any case, always great to see these fun birds!


Merry Christmas!

Alyce and I and the whole gang here at the marsh and the beach want to wish all our special blog friends a very joyful, safe, healthy, and Merry Christmas, and all the best for the coming New Year!

Is He Supposed To Be Here?

A spoonbill had joined a trio of snowy egrets when suddenly an alligator came slowly gliding in.

The snowys didn’t seem at all concerned but the spoonbill was a very young bird and likely had little experience with alligators.

Actually, the alligator seemed a bit young as well so he was possibly somewhat bewildered along with the spoonie. In any case they all got along fine and ended up continuing along with their day as normal.