You Had To Figure This Wasn’t Going To End Well

When I saw this big boy coming in he just had the look of a trouble maker all over his face.

He apeared to be up to no good and that turned out to be exactly the case.

He glided up slowly and silently to another alligator that was just relaxing and minding it’s own business.

But the relaxed gator realized soon enough that his peace would be interupted by mayhem from behind.

The trouble maker inched up just close enough then lunged out and chased the other one away from it’s resting spot.

8 thoughts on “You Had To Figure This Wasn’t Going To End Well

  1. Hi Ammi, thanks once again for looking and your kind comments!
    Well I was not extremely close but close enough to where that last photo is a bit blurred due to a combination of too slow a shutter speed to stop the action, and… I suspect I jumped back a bit when the alligator lunged out.
    See ya,

  2. I can hear the jaws music playing dun dun. . . . . jumped a bit did ya? I won’t tell. (I probably would have wet myself)

    • Ha! We were just watching Jaws on HBO! Yes, on that last pic I had too low a shutter speed set to stop the lunge action. And…I *may* have jumped back a bit as well. heh heh

      Thanks for looking!

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