Fresh Shrimp For Dinner

Well actually for breakfast. An anhinga had plucked a nice little appetizer out of the marsh pond for himself yesterday morning.

You might notice however that the poor unfortunate anhinga has some type of unknown fiber wrapped around the lower portion of it’s bill. We have seen the bird try to scrape it against a wood post in an attempt to remove the substance, but so far no luck. It is obviously still able to fish and eat which is good news.

8 thoughts on “Fresh Shrimp For Dinner

  1. I just found your website after Ed Piotrowski included a link to it in his posting. What a wonderful photographer and naturalist you are. I particularly like the information you include with the photos and the way you present the info. Great job!

  2. Phil, you should do a children’s book about the marsh. You tell such entertaining stories through your photos. Ithink you’d. Hook the kids with the action. Sally spoonbill and Anthony alligator learn to share the marsh and Annie. Anahinga reminds us to be careful about litter in the marsh. Just sayin’ lol

  3. I really enjoy every one of your photographs of wildlife and complement you for such fascinating and interesting work! How wonderful!

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