Buddy System

Wood Storks often feed in groups, that is not unusual. It is also common to see a couple of them get into an argument over who owns the rights to a fishing spot.

But until this morning, I had never seen a pair team up and use the buddy system to feed. These two went head to head for quite a while. They even found something they both wanted at the same time.

Of course that turned out to be a piece of wood, but they had the basic idea down fairly well!

14 thoughts on “Buddy System

  1. Oh wow! i have never seen these comical, gentle looking birds look better. You can actually see the excitement and amusement in their eyes as they find that oh so common piece of wood! You did such a fantastic job on capturing one of my favorite birds. Thanks for making me smile.

    • Oh wow thanks so much for your very kind comments about these photos Molly! I’m so glad you enjoy and appreciate these unusual looking birds. Many are put off by their appearance but I find they can be quite interesting to observe and photograph.

  2. Fascinating….I love the variations in their coloring and markings. still my favorite birds…thank you. πŸ™‚

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