The Secretive Clapper Rail

Yesterday evening I was surprised to see a clapper rail stroll out from among the reed grass in the salt marsh at low tide.

Sometimes referred to as a “marsh hen” the clapper is similar in size and appearance to a chicken.

The clapper rail is a very secretive bird that is not often seen. It prefers to stay tucked in and creep around on mats of dry marsh reeds as it travels slowly looking for small fish and crustaceans.

This one shocked me by suddenly walking into the shallow water and swimming to the opposite edge of the marsh near where I was set up.

It walked around for a short time providing me with some excellent views, before quickly disappearing back into the reeds.

11 thoughts on “The Secretive Clapper Rail

  1. The other birds had been bragging about how great you made them look in photos…she wanted her turn. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great photos!

  2. Oh Phil….guess what I saw last night? A gorgeous swallow tail kite. It was magnificent. No photo but I’ll never forget seeing it. “Internet” said it was endangered in SC. Ever catch a photo of one of those beautiful birds?

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