Is Anyone Missing A Doormat?

Last night we were watching an alligator splashing around in the salt marsh at low tide scooping up fish that were getting all stirred up.

Suddenly another alligator appeared heading toward the exact area where the first one was fishing. We also quickly realized that the new arrival was dragging something quite large along in it’s mouth.

As it came slogging up from the mud we saw that it had what appeared to be a huge ray of some type. It did not want to risk getting into an argument with the other alligator over ownership of the prize catch, so it walked around and headed toward the edge of the marsh. We were then very surprised to see this alligator come walking up out of the marsh still clutching it’s catch. It headed right across a paved path likely on it’s way to the swamp where we suspect the captured ray will be stashed for further feeding opportunities!

29 thoughts on “Is Anyone Missing A Doormat?

  1. Phil have you ever seen a gator before with a ray? I love the way that you can capture these great shots for all to enjoy. I drove in yesterday around 5 pm the only thing that was going on were the Woodstorks right up close to the road. I did not have a camera with me so I did not stay. Boy after seeing these photos I wish I had.

  2. Well, you sure don’t see that every day. I really need to move down there. I just can’t figure out how to take my job with me. Great shots!

  3. Wow… I’ve been dying to see these and finally got a chance…. worth the wait. So did they go viral? You had to get out of the way! Well, I guess his mouth WAS full. be careful you!

    • Hey Jen, so glad you got a chance to check these out and glad you like ’em! Not sure yet if these have spread all over like last time. Yeah he had his mouth full and was not going to let go of his prize catch.

  4. I can’t help but imagine your proximity with these guys…I mean they’re on the loose so really I can’t imagine these crocs stopping at a certain boundary like ‘hey, your not supposed to go beyond this imaginary line’ haha! In as much as wild photography sounds really fun and exciting, I beginning to realize it’s pretty dangerous, too! Capturing moments like these while watching your back, how do you do that?

    • Hi Aian! I do get quite close but the thing about these alligators is that they are not normally very aggressive. I try to maintain a respectful distance and keep my eyes open for any sudden or unusual actions.
      As far as watching my back that is a good observation even more then you know. I had one come crawling up out of the swamp behind me and I never knew it, it never made a sound. I Just moved aside in time. 😯
      Thanks for looking!

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