You Never Know What May Come Creeping Out Of The Weeds!

Last night I was checking the area along the edge of the marsh pond when I saw this big fellow peeking his head out from the weeds.

Naturally I backed off and away, but when it started to walk out I decided to see if I could grab a few photos. I was  a little surprised when it headed in my direction, so I quickly banged off several frames before retreating safely off to the side!

27 thoughts on “You Never Know What May Come Creeping Out Of The Weeds!

  1. Lived in Haiti for 10 years and only met a croc through binoculars – that was enough. Everytime I see your posts and the avatar on UHH, I cannot begin to imagine the terror I would feel. All who live in Florida and in your area have my deepest respect and am so very grateful that I live in Oregon! The birds – wish we had those beauties here!
    Thanks so much for sharing and all the other great stuff you do.

    • Hi Judi, thanks very much for your kind comments and glad you enjoy seeing the photos!
      The alligators for the most part would really prefer not to have interaction with people, they are generally non-aggressive. It’s when people feed or harass a wild alligator that problems arise.
      Thanks for looking!

  2. To be honest they make me afraid and I should say, these photographs seem so real, I mean they are at my desk and I don’t know what to say or to do… You are amazing. Amazing. Thank you, love, nia

  3. I really appreciate you looking and commenting on these alligator photos Nia! Yes then can be frightening but they mostly try to avoid contact with people. I find them to be fascinating, they are the closest thing we have to a living dinosaur. 🙂

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