“Hello World, Here I Come!!!”

Yesterday evening was the last Loggerhead Turtle Inventory at the beach close to the marsh. It’s an amazing process to watch! Three days ago this nest hatched and now the naturalists can start the inventory. First, they carefully dig into the nest to count how many eggs hatched, how many eggs did not hatch and they also check to see if there are any live babies who haven’t climbed out yet. If they do find a live turtle, it is lifted gently out of the nest and placed on the sand directly facing the ocean…covered in sand it is then up to the little baby to find his own way to the water. The turtle’s eyes are very sensitive to light, and the light shining on the water is what guides it on it’s first steps to the ocean.

We were so fortunate that one little baby remained in the nest and we were able to share his (or her!) very determined first baby steps on a long and distant journey…”Hello world, here I come!!!” We wish you well little one…

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