Evening In The Marsh

Yesterday evening we went out to see if there was any activity in the marsh. Not a whole lot going on but we did see some things…

A baby alligator (well, we refer to any gator 3 feet or under as a baby) floating in the water with just his little head exposed.

A Clapper Rail, a small marsh bird, was seen picking around among the oyster beds.

A Great Blue Heron who decided that it would be more comfortable standing on one leg.

A White Ibis did a quick flyby.

A Snowy Egret was seen fishing in the salt marsh.

A Tricolored Heron was also fishing for minnows and seemed to be pretty successful!

And a young alligator who looked particularly attractive with it’s colorful stripes lit by the late evening sun…

48 thoughts on “Evening In The Marsh

  1. I love all of them! The young Gator is quite an attractive young man! Our babies are starting to hatch and I just love the markings on them. The Snowy Egret is my favorite photo of this group.

    • Thanks a bunch Molly! Yes the youngster is a cutie. heh heh. They usually have late spring babies here and as it gets further along and colder our gator season will soon end when they retire back to the swamp to relax for the winter.
      I almost didn’t even include that snowy pic. Glad you like it!

  2. These are all lovely pictures but I particularly like the clapper rail, a sweet little bird, and the heron, looking like a dowager preparing for a night out on the town. Just beautiful. The evening sun catching the ‘gator is pretty special too.

    • Well I really appreciate your kind comments and glad you liked these photos! 🙂
      That blue heron was acting a little wacky last night. There were fish practically bumping into it’s feet (or foot) and it never tried to catch any. Can’t believe it’s not hungry, they are always hungry.

  3. Aha, now we know what a baby gator is, my rhinemaiden bookfairies thought you were pulling their legs, hmm… wings. 🙂
    Hauntigly beautiful shots.
    Your animal pictures always put me in a good mood. The birds, even the gator, they all turn so lovely vain when you present your camera, please show me at my most beautiful…
    Have a lovely week!

    Greetings Dina

  4. I so look forward to your daily posts. You do a great job with your photography and your sharing it with others is appreciated. Keep on shooting! Keep on sharing!

    • Well I’m really glad you like the little clapper rail! I know it doesn’t look tremendously exciting but it’s kind of a big deal for us. The rails are very skittish and secretive birds. They are often heard, but not often seen in the open. Even this one came out for a few seconds, picked up a small crab (yes we have pics of that) then quickly scurried back into the marsh reeds where they hide. So we try to grab quick pics if one ever pops out.
      That baby gator was cute, he was fishing too! He better learn to hunt if he ever wants to grow up to be a big boy. 🙂

    • Thanks a bunch FeyGirl! Glad you liked seeing a ‘day in the life’ of our marsh inhabitants.
      These photos were all taken in a time period of less then two hours. We have been losing light quicker every day.
      Like the old saying goes…”It gets late early out there”. 🙂

  5. Un régal d’admirer ce que vous faites comme photos (j’envie votre appareil et son zoom loll alors que j’essaye, tant bien que mal, de “tirer” de mon nikon D90 une “pâle photographie reloll) !j’ai une légère préférence pour ce grand héron équilibriste ! … il me ressemble un rien Bien à vous !

    • Je suis tellement heureux que vous aimez voir mes photos. Je suis sûr que votre Nikon fonctionne bien pour vous.
      C’est héron avait une soirée de détente à coup sûr! Merci de regarder et je vous remercie de vos aimables commentaires!

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