Morning Meeting

Early this morning we saw some wood storks, a great egret, and a great blue heron all standing next to a tiny island in the marsh pond. They looked like they were all ready to start a meeting but needed to wait until everyone had arrived. We weren’t sure if this was the arrival they were expecting or not, but an alligator decided to join the group and settle in comfortably on the island.

The birds stood around and actually appeared a little confused about their new “member”…had he actually been invited?…if so, by who? Deciding that since he was already there, and seemed ok, the meeting continued. Well, after about 10 minutes the meeting concluded and all the birds departed the area leaving the new guy alone. With all business now completed, the alligator also left the island and floated off to his next assignment. We’re hoping that all issues were successfully discussed and a mutual agreement was reached!

53 thoughts on “Morning Meeting

    • No the gator was more interested in waiting for the sun to come out so that he could take a nice nap.
      Of course that same alligator did end up chasing two or three smaller ones around the pond. Must have been in a cranky mood after the birds left. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for looking!

  1. Wonderful pictures as ever Phil. As you say, they certainly look as though they’re having a meeting. The ‘gator decided he’d join in and that seemed perfectly reasonable to him. The housemartins, of which there are a number that visit here each summer, regularly get together on the electric wires first thing in the morning and chat, very excitedly for half an hour or so before they all fly off and get on with their day. In fact, you can just see them on the wire in my weekly photo challenge post, mine. Not sure what the housemartins would make of an alligator. Cause quite a stir I’d imagine.

    • Thanks very much for viewing these photos, glad you enjoyed them!
      I guess those housemartins would not appreciate an alligator visit but they are fairly fast flyers so probably no worries. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks I’m glad you liked these pics!
      That alligator did not seem to be hunting for food at all this morning which was a bit surprising.
      He seemed to be more interested in being a pain in the neck to some other alligators that had the nerve to be swimming in his pond. 😯 πŸ˜€

    • I’m sure they had important business to discuss. Pond maintanence, territorial disputes, fish allocations, flying and swimming patterns need to be established etc. These are some serious matters! πŸ˜€
      Thanks for looking Conor!

  2. OK so stupid question….how come the gator doesn’t mess with the birds? Is foul not on his diet? I know they feed them chicken from the boats here in Louisiana on the Swamp Tour. At any rate…that last shot? Well…WOW!!! awesome!

    • Well you are right, the alligators certainly are not vegetarians, they can ideed eat a bird.
      But we have seen this type of scenario many times where the birds seem to know that the gator is not in feeding mood, and the birds apparently do not feel threatened.
      If an alligator was hunting for birds it would not normally attack on land. It would go into stealth mode and approach silently from under the water.
      Also, even though the gator is quite fast, so are the birds. One wing flap and they can be away in an instant, even birds like these large waders.
      Thanks for checking out the pics Mitzi!

    • Thanks a bunch for checking these out!
      It’s true, they should have held this meeting behind closed doors, now we are aware of their secret plans for pond domination. Scary stuff 😯 πŸ˜€

    • Oh it was quite a gang too! πŸ˜€
      Even though the alligator was the one who showed up late I don’t think anyone was going to call him on it.
      He kind of gets to do whatever he wants mostly… πŸ™‚
      Glad you like these pics!

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