Caught Canoodling!!

Yesterday afternoon we decided to go check out the swamp to see if there was anything going on. We didn’t expect to see much since it was a dull, overcast day and most of the wildlife seemed to be laying low.

But…we did spot this trio of wood ducks relaxing on a tree stump a little further back in the swamp. Mr. Wood Duck seemed to be quite pleased to have a female on either side of him, but those two, as it turned out, were not the only females in the swamp. Within minutes a third female arrived and she got Mr. Wood Duck all excited and in no time at all they were canoodling together right there in front of the other two!

The original two females tried their best to act casual and disinterested until finally the female on the left decided she had seen enough of this shameless display and sent our boy packing. He swam around a bit before disappearing back into the swamp. However, right before leaving he seemed to have spotted me and gave me this look…I couldn’t tell if he was proud or embarrassed!

A bit further down from where all of this was taking place, we saw this big boy lounging around in the swamp. He seemed a bit jealous that I was paying so much attention to the ducks, so I promised him I would run his picture today along with the ducks and that seemed to satisfy him. I had no intention of breaking THAT promise, especially if you look at the size of this guy. There has to be four or five more feet of tail curling back into the weeds that you can barely see!

41 thoughts on “Caught Canoodling!!

  1. I think he looks embarassed. Chased off by the ‘friend’, probably the ugly one, no I don’t think any guy would like that witnessed let alone captured on film. Nice captures Phil.

  2. I think it’s a first for me. To see any ducks kissing much less wood ducks which I don’t see often. Great catch! By the size of your gators, I’m thinking you must be close to the everglades. We don’t get them that big here in central Fla.

    • Thanks much, I’m glad you liked the duck pics! I don’t normally see the male wood duck at all so this was a treat for me.
      I’m actually in the coastal SC area, but we have a swamp and marsh that has quite a few alligators in there.

    • Oh he has a “look” alright, no question about it! πŸ˜€
      That gator was BIG! I went back this afternoon to check out the swamp again and a Gator (could have been this boy) came crawling up out of the swamp practically right in front of me! I got pics and I may post one tomorrow, but he was gator XL! 😯

  3. I think the look on the male wood duck face was ” What? Did you see all that?” I’d say embarrassed, but that’s just my guess. Good thing your giving your big friend some blog time that should apease him.

    • That’s what I thought too about the look I got from Mr. Woody. heh
      And I was careful to keep my promise to post the gator’s picture, best to keep on the big guy’s good side I’m thinkin’. πŸ˜€

  4. poor little ducks…having to swim around in all that nasty water and get their feathers all dirty…but whoa….they’d better watch out for the big boy in the water..

    • I know it bothers me a bit to see them floating around in the swamp like that but they actually seem to enjoy it! πŸ˜€
      Don’t think they will cruise by our large friend. Yikes!

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