Wood Ducks

Yesterday we decided to head back over to the swamp to see if the canoodling wood ducks were still around…and they were! Again we saw a male and several females. The male is particularly striking in appearance, especially his multicolored head which is somewhat unusual. One bird book I have said that the male wood ducks have a “bizarre face pattern”. I’m not sure I agree with that description, I think they are quite distinguished looking and apparently his entourage of female friends agree!

50 thoughts on “Wood Ducks

  1. These are great, Phil. Love the brilliant colors of the male duck (i’m guessing the colorful one is the male). The colors almost look like they have been painted on.

  2. Yeah.. gotta be among my favorites as far as a series from YOU, goes.
    (and it doesn’t hurt that I LOVE LOVE LOVE wood ducks, either! lol)
    Fabulous color … thanks so much for posting these.

  3. I think wood ducks are great! I agree I wouldn’t say the male wood ducks have” a bazzarre face pattern.” I think they are fabulous looking! Maybe the bird book was writen by another bird not so grand.

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