Fishing Clinic

Yesterday afternoon in the salt marsh we saw something that looked rather unusual. At first glance it definitely looked like a great blue heron, but we hadn’t seen one with this much orange and rust coloration before. It had to be a juvenile as that color pattern is characteristic of an adolescent great blue. But the juvies we normally see look approximately the same as the adults…a little smaller, thinner and often a lighter shade of blue and grey. This guy really stood out with those orange “accent” colors!

But what made him even MORE interesting was how skilled he was at catching fish! We saw him catch several when nearby adult great blues were coming up empty. So he might have been a youngster, but he was putting on a fishing clinic that a few of the old timers would do well to pay close attention to!


35 thoughts on “Fishing Clinic

    • Thank you for the kind words, and yes they do put a lot of work into feeding time!
      What’s amazing is I have been set up on one for an hour and with fish all over and they never catch even one. So I guess it’s harder then it looks. 😛

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