Great Blue Heron Flights

Here are some recent flight shots of one of my all time favorite birds, the Great Blue Heron. Although it’s not an uncommon bird, I never grow tired of watching and photographing this wonderful heron!

63 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron Flights

  1. These are great captures! I also love photographing the great blue. I just wish I could shoot them well in mid-flight too. I really like that first image, Phil. The way his wings were captured while fully extended really shows how huge this bird is.

  2. I understand very well, even where I live there are many charming and each time I look at them. The photos are fantastic, I have never been able to make a shot while in flight, I get all bad
    Ciao, Pat

  3. Not only are birds in flight beautiful because it’s a different view, but it’s also challenging enough to get a sense of satisfaction when you get it. And you did.

  4. Just Beautiful Phil. I wish I have more time for birding photography. I started out with birding photography with my little Pentax point and shoot then I upgraded to my Canon 500D and continued that was in the beginning of my photography career. Now I hardly have time to do it. 😦

    • Aw jeez, sorry to hear you don’t have as much time as you would like to do bird photography, hope that situation improves for you.
      Thanks a bunch though for checking out my GBH pics.

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