Nobody Likes A Muddy Fish

Yesterday morning we were watching a small group of white ibis fishing in the salt marsh at low tide. Normally, the ibis only catch and eat small fish, shrimp or other tiny marine crustaceans. But this one boy caught himself a nice size fish which would make an outstanding meal. However, after he took it out of the water and brought it on land to eat, he unfortunately dropped the fish into the mud. Well this is no good…no one wants to eat a muddy fish! So he brought it back over to the water to give it a quick rinse. Once that was accomplished, he proudly showed off his nice clean, bright,Β fish to his friends!

64 thoughts on “Nobody Likes A Muddy Fish

  1. Great sequence Phil. Obviously quite a fastidious ibis given that his long bill is specially designed for poking around in the mud. Must be used to the taste by now. Then again, a clean fish will probably get you a bit more attention from the ladies.. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey that really makes me happy to know you enjoyed the story and pics!
      The salt marsh area is fairly large and comprises only a part of the entire inlet which is fed from the ocean.
      Plus there is a large pond and also a swamp area, plus the beach. Lots going on.

  2. Well, I guess it’s not the size of the fish .. oh n/m . πŸ˜‰ Love water reflection pics that show other “stuff” . ( have I said that before?) Can’t imagine living somewhere with all this action. What a treasure.

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