Ibis Crabbing

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so we decided to head out and see what might be happening in the salt marsh.

We were watching this very determined white ibis patrolling among the oyster beds at low tide in search of a meal.

At one point we saw him snatch a small crab out from under the oysters which quickly became a tasty treat for the always resourceful ibis!

38 thoughts on “Ibis Crabbing

    • You are right I’m not sure what to call that expression either. He did have one of his ibis pals as well as a snowy egret fishing along with him so he coluld have been showing off. Thanks for checking these out!

    • Yeah those little crabs they usually just pop right down. The bigger ones require some dismantling first, where they snap off the legs and turn the crab into a hockey puck. 😯
      Glad you liked these pics!

  1. I’m always amazed at how spectacular each and every one of your photos are. From the lighting to the composition to the exact capture of movement. You always set us there as if we were standing next to you. You are a true genius.

    • Wow! I am very flattered. 😳 Thank you so much for the super kind comments, and it’s great to hear that you feel like you are there. That’s very much what I attempt to convey as best as possible. I try to show a sort of gritty realism so that if you were standing next to me when I took the photos you saw the same thing. But if you were not there, well this is what it looked like.
      Thanks a million! 😀

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