Fish With Mud Sauce

Yesterday afternoon I was watching this great blue heron fishing in a shallow pool of water at the edge of the salt marsh.

The heron was staring into the water, and I was staring at the heron. I really didn’t think he was going to catch anything, the water did not look to me like there was anything swimming around so I figured he was wasting his time. At about that moment was when he struck and plucked out a nice fish, which immediately proved which of the two of us knew what we were doing.

After catching the fish the heron walked over to land where he promptly dropped the fish in the mud. I know they don’t normally like to eat muddy fish so I expected him to wash it off which he did, but he did not put much effort into cleaning. He must have been really hungry because after a very quick rinse, the great blue gobbled down the fish mud and all!

46 thoughts on “Fish With Mud Sauce

    • I’m happy you checked out these pics and that you like ’em!
      It is a good size fish for Mr. Heron and I thought that might do it for the day but within minutes he was back at it looking for another one.

    • The bird was fairly close and he ignored me the entire time which is what I like.
      I was using a Canon 7D with a 300 4 and a 1.4 extender attached. These pics are close to full frame with very little crop.

  1. The detail of the feathers is exquisite. I have to admit to preferring the birds to the alligators, but you’ve managed to teach me just a bit of appreciation for the reptiles. That’s something.

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