“Hoodie”…Coming and Going

This past weekend I was set up by myself along the salt marsh hoping something would happen. Suddenly I only barely spotted something jetting in quickly toward my location. I brought the camera up just in time to catch this male hooded merganser skidding in for a landing next to me. The reason why it landed near me in the first place was because it didn’t realize I was there! Mergansers are notoriously shy and skittish birds who prefer to not be in close proximity to people. This one turned and floated for just a couple of seconds until it saw me and that was it…Mr. Hoodie took off for a location farther out in the marsh leaving me alone once again.

Merganser Coming and Going

Merganser Coming and Going

Merganser Coming and Going

Merganser Coming and Going

Merganser Coming and Going

Merganser Coming and Going

Merganser Coming and Going

77 thoughts on ““Hoodie”…Coming and Going

  1. Fabulous photos. Every year, we see a few of these down here, but they do keep to themselves and it took me a long time to figure out what I was looking at when I first saw one. What a treat that you were able to capture this one!

    • Thanks. This boy beat it out of there the instant he saw me.
      A couple of weeks ago we had a kingfisher go to land about three feet from us. He never saw us, but never even got his feet down, as soon as he realized there were people there he zoomed off like we just lit his tail feathers on fire.

    • That’s exactly what we say about the hoodies too…cute and funny! Glad he made you smile as much as us.
      These guys look like some character from an animated children’s movie. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the pics Sylvia!

    • Hey thanks Larry, glad you liked the pics and they made you smile! Yes they sure hit the brakes hard when coming in, and they are super fast flyers too! You blink and it’s already by you.

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