Morning In The Marsh

Cold and slow start to the morning today. We awoke to an unusual frost but decided to layer up anyway and head over to the marsh to see what might be happening.

It turned out that not a lot was going on. We did see a bald eagle fishing but it was fairly far out and never cooperated by flying in close. The usual blue herons were chasing each other around but also did not give us a courtesy fly by.

I did manage to grab a few flight shots so I would at least have something to come back with.

This belted kingfisher was hovering over the marsh in search of a tasty little fish.

A young brown pelican was gliding along at tree top level.

A snowy egret took a break from chasing his friends and swooped in low over the marsh grass.

And a lesser yellowlegs took off from out of the salt marsh among some oysters.

That pretty much does it for today’s edition of the Morning Marsh News!

Kingfisher Flight

Pelican Flight

Snowy Flight

Yellowlegs Takeoff

40 thoughts on “Morning In The Marsh

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    • Thanks Molly! I knew you would like the kingfisher. It hovered there for a bit mostly just showing me it’s tail feathers, then went down and grabbed a fish giving my only butt shots. 😦 Little rat. 😉

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