Afternoon Snack

This past weekend I was watching this great egret snagging fish out of the salt marsh during low tide. Unlike the great blue herons, who mostly only go after the one big score, egrets will snack all day long on small fish and other tiny marine crustaceans such as glass shrimp.

Should the opportunity present itself however, and a larger fish happens to catch the attention of the egret, it will most certainly give it a go and try to make that the big meal for the day. Later this week I will post photos of just such an event where an egret has a fish the size of your arm!

Egret Fishing

52 thoughts on “Afternoon Snack

  1. What a beautiful photo, Phil!!! I am always in awe of your talent and your generosity in sharing with us! Thank you so much!!!

    • Thank you for your kind comments Sylvia!
      Actually all I need to do is check the web site regularly… They are nice enough to list all their times.
      For instance… Catch small fish Wed afternoon at 3:27pm Catch really big fish Friday morning at 9:14am
      The eagles have a site too. That’s how I know when to go over to get fishing and flight shots. The birds are ever so helpful lately.
      Now if only I could get the alligators on board with the new technology, but you know how stubborn and resistant to change they are. But whadaya gonna do? 😕 You take what you can get. 😀

  2. How can such a GREAT photographer be such a TEASE?!? And isn’t it amazing how these svelte birds can gobble down lunker fish? I had a Great Egret in my own back yard last week that gobbled down a 3 foot long black racer snake. Amazing to watch! And just the other day, I watched an Osprey manhandle a bass that was as long as he was. It’s astounding what you will see, if you just take the time to wander out in the wild every now and then.

    • I have to know – is that squirrel a personal friend, or just someone who was passing by? I had a pet squirrel for years, and my heart just melts when I see someone who seems to like them, too. 😉

      • Pure serendipity … he and a few of his buddies came down the trunk of a slash pine to watch me as I was shooting a Great Blue Heron. The four of them stuck with me for about a hundred yards. Word gets out when I’m spotted with my camera – it’s sorta like, “Dude, you gotta come see this human! He’s busy sneaking up on an Ibis, and doesn’t even know about the two courting eagles behind him!”. And the Moorhens merely laughed.

    • I never cease to be amazed at what these birds with those skinny necks can get down the hatch!
      Whenever I think, nah no way on that fish, next thing you know it’s swallowed.
      Thanks for checking these out!

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