Bombing Run

This past weekend I spotted a pair of brown pelicans flying over the marsh. It was not until I looked at the photos later I realized that one of them apparently needed to do it’s um, er, business while in mid-air.

I realize this may have limited appeal, and even then mainly and only to the bird lovers out there, but I thought it was rather humorous! 

Bombing Run

Bombing Run

Bombing Run

66 thoughts on “Bombing Run

  1. It’s usually my car underneath when such things occur Phill.. As for my patio windows, I think the birds must go into a dive and then turn sideways, aiming with amazing accuracy given the sizable soffit overhang.. 😉

  2. Phil, you have so many great photos (like these!) of birds in flight. What camera setting do you use, e.g., what shutter speed do you usually use?

  3. I have a sea gull shot where he’s, ahem, going #2 in mid air. My husband and son LOVE that shot and asked me not to delete it. ; )

    You know what I love the most about your posts? Not only are the photos outstanding, but you can see the humor in the critters that you capture and that’s really refreshing. Most wildlife photographers are very Serious and Solemn about their work—you are, too, but you are also very tongue in cheek. That’s nice.

  4. Ha! This reminds me of the day that I was videotaping a HUGE hawk…I really wanted to capture him in flight and when he started to move a bit and lift his feathers I thought..”this is it”…and then he did some of his business in a HUGE projectile fashion..

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