Morning Swim

Yesterday morning I saw this big boy out for a leisurely glide in the marsh pond. The grey overcast sky with no breeze gave the water a glassy appearance.

Normally there would not be any alligators in the pond at this time of year. Our boy here though must believe Spring is on the way and wanted to get an early start! 

Alligator in Marsh Pond

48 thoughts on “Morning Swim

  1. …. “Too cold to breed, too warm to hibernate. Guess I’ll just cruise the ‘hood”. Out of curiosity, do you have many gators in the fresh water areas? We don’t often see gators in the brackish or salt water flats down here – although there are some salt water crocs. Our gators also seem to prefer swimming pools and golf course water hazards – this *is* Florida, after all. They stay away from the beaches (costs too much to park) and outlet malls (too many fake kinfolk purses); otherwise, they look and act just like our snowbirds.

    • Too early for them to start eating or mating so a brief swim followed by a snooze in the sun is about all the activity we wil have for now.
      This was the fresh (well really brackish) water pond, and the swamp is fresh water. But…these guys will routinely cruise over to the salt marsh side to grab crabs and such. They won’t live in the salt area but will visit.
      The gators here are generally better behaved then many of the tourists.
      We have them in golf courses and neighborhoods too, but they often do not last too long. People will at some point end up feeding them which is a *very* bad idea.

      • …. That point about people feeding the gators. That’s the ONE thing about my bumpy bros that is no laughing matter. Everybody not in the know pay attention to this PSA: if you feed a gator, you will KILL the gator. There is no relocation program for gators that have lost their fear of humans. They will be trapped, and euthanized, 100% of the time.

    • Thanks. This was all that was out of the water when I took this picture, the rest of him was under. Plus this was pretty much full frame, not a crop. I even had to back up a but just to get all the head in the frame.
      Right after this he started swimming away from me so mostly all I saw was the back of his head as he swam off.

    • Well I’m happy you like this one Scott. You should come around here some time. By the time you are done hanging around with me and my reptile pals you will be a huge fan of them. 😛 😀

    • Thanks very much Edith I’m happy you like this alligator photo!
      Actually this is darn close to how it looked right out of the camera. I generally do only very minor tweaks in post.

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