Swooping In!

Last week I saw a gull snatch up a fish and go flying off with it, but the fish was too large for the gull to handle so he dropped it at the edge of the marsh. This attracted the attention of a bald eagle who immediately came swooping in seemingly out of nowhere. But the eagle arrived too late…a quick acting egret had already grabbed and swallowed the fish before the eagle could snag it. As you might expect, as soon as I saw the eagle come in, I focused my attention and my camera toward it rather then the egret. I got this shot right as the eagle arrived and you can see the disappointed gull in the background of the photo! 

Bald Eagle Swoops In

39 thoughts on “Swooping In!

    • That is our male eagle and he is a handsome looking chap!
      Gull had no choice but he was probably never going to get to keep the fish anyway it was too big for him.
      Thanks for looking!

  1. What a shot, Phil! Reminds me of a bird of prey show that we went to on the grounds of a German castle last spring. The beautiful birds soared within inches of our heads at times, and then flew so far off in the distance that we could barely see them with a naked eye.

    • Thanks very much Tricia, I’m happy you enjoyed this eagle photo!
      He swooped right in on me too. Lucky it didn’t decide that maybe I needed a little personal attention! 😯 🙂
      They can cover a lot of space very quickly.

  2. Trying to decide if that’s a look of determination or frustration on the eagle. Fantastic shooting, as ever. Nice to see the egret win for a change. Quite a lucky sequence for the egret.

    • I think probably frustrated, but of course they almost always have that look of determination regardless of what they are doing.
      There were actually two egrets competing for the fish but I bet they never spotted the eagle otherwise they would have scattered.

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