Snowys Being Snowys

Once again last week I was witness to yet more snowy egret bickering. As is often the case, one snowy is generally incapable of getting along with another snowy. I have seen one fly clear across the marsh to chase off a bird who was simply minding it’s own business and not bothering anyone. Well, not bothering anyone except the snowy who took offense to having the mere presence of the other snowy in “his” marsh.

But so it goes in the always active, and never dull world of the snowy egret! 

Snowys Fighting in the Marsh

Snowys Fighting in the Marsh

Snowys Fighting in the Marsh

56 thoughts on “Snowys Being Snowys

    • Thanks and yes they always leave, then get back together for more arguments, then leave, then get back together. Well you get the idea.
      I had a couple more frames form this that I forgot to include darn it. 😦

  1. okay I have been looking at your images for while now – seeing what I can learn – I ain’t got the kit to get theses shots (yet) I don’t have access to this kind of wildlife (either) – but I recognise neither of these things are important in your images because your strength is the social commentary – in general your images tell a story – so I may well try this with seagulls n crows over the next wee while – we shall see 😉

    • Well I’m happy you enjoy the goofy stories along with the photos Scott. I try to bring a little bit of the marshland life into the site here and hopefully a few laughs as well along the way.
      Ok. let’s see what you come up with on those gulls and crows. 🙂

  2. You can’t argue with the comic relief that larger birds offer us when they have their wings spread wide. I actually posted one today of a pelican in that same pose and it just cracks me up. Lovely Snowy’s!

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