Late Afternoon Flight

This past weekend we had rain and cool temps for Friday and Saturday but then it was back to warm and sunny for Sunday. We figured the nicer weather would bring out many of the usual crowd to the salt marsh and we were correct. We saw great egrets, snowy egrets, white ibis, brown pelicans, all types of little shore birds, and even a bald eagle or two.

At one point this great blue heron was seen jetting across the marsh in a purposeful manner. Often the blue herons feel compelled to announce their arrival or departure with a loud squawking sound, but this one must have been on a serious mission. It was silent the entire trip, which means it was likely heading to either a really good fishing spot or possibly on it’s way to chase off a competitor!

GBH Late Afternoon Flight at Marsh

GBH Late Afternoon Flight at Marsh

GBH Late Afternoon Flight at Marsh

36 thoughts on “Late Afternoon Flight

  1. Such lovely pictures, Phil! We don’t have such colourful herons here in the UK, just the grey ones but I always think, watching them fly over us from one lake to the next, that they are truly the presentday version of the flying creatures from the age of the dinosaurs. The outline is so prehistoric!

    • They do most certainly have a prehistoric look to them you are correct about that Maggie. Between those birds and the alligators which look like living dinosaurs, it’s almost Jurasic Park out here. 🙂

  2. You are so right about alligators, Phil. We took our grand-daughter to a dinosaur park last year and saw a Sarcosaurus. Apart from the size, it looked so like an alligator. What a lucky man you are, to live close to such an incredible array of wildlife!

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