Caught Stealing

Last week I saw this great egret catch a fish in the salt marsh when suddenly a gull came swooping in out of nowhere and snatched the fish right out of the mouth of the startled egret! The gull flew off with it’s stolen prize leaving the disappointed egret with no choice but to get back to fishing and hope that he could quickly catch a replacement.

It turns out that the egret did catch another fish and what happened to that one is a post for another day… 

Gull Takes Fish From Egret

Gull Takes Fish From Egret

Gull Takes Fish From Egret

52 thoughts on “Caught Stealing

  1. Silly egret – he should know, at his age, that gulls aren’t to be trusted about food, certainly a wopping great wriggling fish! It could be a scene from the beach, eh, with a gull flying in to steal someone’s potato chip. Beautiful action shots Phil, with all that definition on the birds. 🙂

  2. What fantastic pictures Phil! Poor egret! Having lost an icecream to a seagull on a harbour one sunny day (yes, we do have sun in England!) it has my sympathy.

    • Yes Maggie I have heard rumors of the sun appearing in England, glad to know it truly does occur. 😉 But sorry to hear about your lost ice cream.
      I saw a gull take car keys off a beach blanket and fly off with them before letting them go over the ocean.
      Thank you for commenting on these photos and I’m happy you like them!

    • Thanks! We were watching pelicans and egrets all fishing in the same area when some gulls came in to see what they could rob. We spent maybe an hour or so watching the scene. It was quite fun. 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen a gull take on a heron, but it’s hilarious to watch them trail the pelicans around here. Every time you see a pelican dive, there will be a gull sitting around when he surfaces, about six inches away, just looking at that bill old pouch like, “Hey! You don’t really need that fish, do you?” 😉

    • There were a good size group of pelicans and egrets all fishing together (well not really together, but in the same area) 😉 and then some gulls came in. It’s not unusual for us to see the gulls stalking the other birds, but I can’t remember ever seeing a gull snatch a fish right from the mouth of another bird. Fun scene to watch for sure though.

    • Cheek is right! Yes, that egret was none too pleased, but does not have much of a choice but to get right back out there and continue to fish on. Unlike humans who tend to sulk and complain endlessly about misfortune, the birds do not have that luxury.
      Thanks very much for looking and commenting Sylvia!

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