Shipping Lanes

This morning we went over to check out the swamp and see if any alligators were out and if they were finding places to settle in and enjoy their daily nap. Several were cruising around looking like large ocean going vessels looking for a new port to dock in after the wind storm blew their island around.

At this point in the morning the sun had not yet broken through and the grey overcast sky combined with no breeze gave the water a flat glassy appearance. 

Alligators in the Swamp Grey Sky

Alligators in the Swamp Grey Sky

Alligators in the Swamp Grey Sky

40 thoughts on “Shipping Lanes

  1. Hey Phil,
    Very artistic looking images. Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but the gators, especially in the first photo, remind me of folded up umbrellas. The end of the snouts look like a ball at the end of the umbrellas’ handles and from there going up to the most narrow spot, it appears that they are wrapped up tight. Then, from there to the other end, I can see the many pleats and folds. But then again, it could just be my warped imagination. Either way, very cool photos, Phil! ;o)

    • Well I can see your umbrella impression Mickey. I’ll just have to be sure I don’t grab one by the nose next time it’s raining. 🙂
      Thanks a lot for checking these out!

  2. They are like prehistoric submarines – such clever pictures, Phil! Certainly a change from fluffy rabbits and chicks! Happy Easter, Phil!

    • They sure do look like prehistoric submarines floating just above the surface. Great description Maggie!
      I have not seen any of our fluffy bunnies around here for a while now. But I have seen coyotes! 😯
      Happy Easter.

  3. So wonderful! I was over at Anahuac yesterday and found many, many alligators, including a group of 24 babies about a foot long. All of the big ones were along the bank – none in the water like these. But I surely am more and more impressed at your skill in capturing photos like these. It’s clear that equipment makes some different – I wasn’t able to get the babies clear, for example, because I was shooting from above and couldn’t get the whole group in focus. But patience clearly counts, too, and knowing how to use the equipment we have.

    Well, there’s one other factor. Our muddy, algae-ridden water makes a difference!

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