Northern Shoveler

This afternoon we were pleased to see a northern shoveler duck in the marsh pond.  It was hanging around with a group of four blue-winged teals which are much more common in our area. Since we see these shoveler ducks only occasionally, it was nice that this one stayed around with his teal friends for some photo opportunities rather then taking off at the first sight of annoying photographers. The northern shoveler has a rather interesting looking spoon shaped bill that it often has angled down straining water as it feeds. 

Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler

58 thoughts on “Northern Shoveler

  1. Nice shots, I just had the opposite experience. Shovelers are common here but we recently had a few blue wing teal visit. It is always fun to see something unexpected in your area. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Phil,

    We loved your Duck shots. That Shoveler will grow into a handsome fellah! The Blue winged have already made it. We had a short visit by a rather flashy Blue Grosbeak today. I’m ashamed to send the few shots I got today The sky rat didn’t help by shaking the whole Shepard crook. I’m shaky enough.

  3. What a beautifully colored duck this is and your shots are marvelous. I wish I could get close enough to our visitors to sort out which ones vacation here for the winter.

  4. WHAT? These look like leopard ducks to me – which means they are absolutely gorgeous in my book. I wonder if Teddy would mind if I adopted a duck? And Mr. Bear and Jack wonder why you don’t have a Cats category. I think I see more kit cat piles in your future….

    • They do look like leopard ducks and I know Jack is cool with the mallards that often walk through our backyard along with the occasional swan. I bet the Ted man would love a duck friend. Well as long as it doesn’t eat his food.

    • Thanks so much glad you like these pics!
      I’m in the coastal South Carolina area just south of Myrtle Beach that’s where the salt marsh, marsh pond, and swamp are located. 🙂

  5. Great to see a bird, familiar in England, in your pictures! Your birds are so beautiful, I was beginning to get an inferiority complex! He is a handsome bird, isn’t he? Lovely pics, Phil!

    • That really is an interesting aspect of their appearance, how some of the colors really show when they have their wings up or in flight.
      Thanks so much for looking and commenting!

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