Always Squawking

It seems that the great blue heron often feels it must announce it’s comings and goings along the marsh area by squawking loudly at every opportunity. We almost always know when a blue heron is up to something or moving to a new location because the sound they make is loud and unmistakable, and you can often hear one before you see it. I can understand those times when there are other birds around, but these herons even when alone will squawk just to hear themselves speak I think! 

Great Blue Heron Flight

Great Blue Heron Flight

Great Blue Heron Flight

Great Blue Heron Flight

39 thoughts on “Always Squawking

  1. Beautiful photos. I have occasionally seen great blue herons in our town by a stream bank or in an open field, but they always seem a bit lost, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard one squawk. I always think of them as huge, silent birds! Nice to know they can talk!

  2. Nice photos Phil. I thought our Grey herons were unmistakable too. But recently I kept hearing what I thought was a heron in an area I would not necessarily have expected one. An hour later I walked round a corner and saw a parrot in a cage – calling just like a heron! It also said “Good morning”.

  3. Smashing shots Phil! I have some geese live on the pond across the field. They head off at sunrise and return at night, honking all the way. I guess the Heron is the same.

    • So do these geese ever honk you awake at sunrise? We have geese too that I often hear but generally it’s only my cat that screeches me up early.
      Thanks very much Adrian!

  4. Thanks to all your great shots of these magnificent birds I have really started to love their looks! 😉 Though I still find them a bit odd.

    • They are my favorite bird and the ones around here always seem compelled to announce whenever they are arriving or leaving. Plus even sometimes when they are just standing around. 🙂

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