Shrimp To Go

Last week I was watching a few Least Terns fishing in the salt marsh when this one suddenly zipped by me. I thought it might have been carrying something but wasn’t sure, and these small birds fly so fast just getting any flight shot is a challenge. Plus if one was to pluck a tiny fish out of the water, normally they snap it down immediately so it would be unusual for one to be flying around with something. It wasn’t until I looked at the photo later that I realized this tern had a shrimp. Maybe the bird was flying over to present the shrimp to a prospective mate to impress her with his hunting skills! 

Least Tern Flight with Shrimp

32 thoughts on “Shrimp To Go

  1. Oh maybe that tern was feeding a baby! They’re out of the nest around here already. The babies take up residence on top of pilings and sit there and screech and squawk and make every sort of unbelievable noise while they’re waiting for the parents to come back with a fish or a shrimp. Between those babies and the seagulls who still are trying to “get it on”, it’s quite the scene!

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