“I Got One!…No I Don’t…Yes I Do!”

Yesterday afternoon we were watching this anhinga fishing in the marsh pond. The anhinga is a water bird that fishes under water by spearing the fish on the end of it’s sharp bill. It then must get the fish off of it’s bill in order to swallow it. So the anhinga will flip the fish into the air, then catch it head first for easy swallowing.

This anhinga had caught a fish…then lost it on the initial flip…then re-caught the fish, and was successful on the second attempt at the mid air fish flip! After it was done fishing it hopped out of the water onto a nearby stump to dry off. These birds will hold out their wings to let the air and the sun dry them off. It may be surprising that a water bird is not water proof, but the anhinga, like the cormorant is not. This however allows it to easily swim under the water and stay down for quite a while as it searches for fish. 

Anhinga Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in Marsh Pond

61 thoughts on ““I Got One!…No I Don’t…Yes I Do!”

  1. Phil, what was the huge water bird in the marsh today? The male had a white chest. There was a male and female. They kind of looked like ducks. Really beautiful.

  2. On the second to last photo he looks really unhappy! Although he has just eaten. Life may not make it right! ☺

  3. GREAT PHOTOS!!! You are awesome!!! Your comments are so fun too!!! I always look forward to visiting your site!

    In the last shot, it looks like it is saying “TA-DA” and getting ready to take a bow!

    • It almost seems like a cruel joke was played on a water bird like the anhinga not actually being water proof.
      But it works for them very well though the dry off period could be a bit annoying for them I expect.

  4. Love these shots, Phil! From sleek, smooth hunter to scruffy urchin! I thought the last one was especially appealing!

  5. Excellent shots! I wonder about the poor fish who thought he’d gotten away, only to be caught again! The last photo reminds me of a performer, soaking up praise – which I suppose this anhinga is doing.

    • That happens a lot more then you would think where some poor fish does manage to initially elude capture and thinks it will live to swim another day only to be practically immediately caught again. Bad day for Mr. Fish!
      That bird was ready for his standing O!

  6. Oh, those are great! I love that showy display in the last photo, even though he’s just drying off his wings! It looks like he is flaunting those lovely feathers.

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