Egret In The Evening

This past Tue. night the sun was still out but starting to set when I saw this great egret fishing patiently in the marsh pond. The sun was almost directly behind the bird so I purposely exposed for a silhouette. The colors of the water were not created later in any kind of post processing…that is how it really looked! 

Egret in Silhouette

31 thoughts on “Egret In The Evening

  1. What a stunning shot, Phil! Love the reflection and the light – like the shot of the swan. How do you do it?!!

  2. Hello Phil,
    what was the color of the sky, wenn the water are so unusual colored, or is it something in the water which makes the color?
    Great contrast, great work!
    Wish you a nice day,

    • It was prior to sunset so the sky had not yet turned gold or orange so I’m thinking it has something to do with the water and the way the sunlight reflects off of it.
      Thanks very much moni!

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