Don’t Give Me That Cute, Innocent Look!

A few days ago I was watching this alligator splashing around in the marsh trying to get the fish all stirred up so that he could munch down on a bunch of them. He did not come up with anything after this huge lunge and splash, but notice how in the very next frame he quickly turned himself around and gives me this coy, bashful look?! It’s almost as if he was saying…Who? What? Me? Oh I was just splashing around having a bit of fun and certainly not trying to scoop up all the nice little fishies or anything like that.”

With that expression on his face it’s tempting to believe him but we all know better, don’t we?! 

Alligator Splashing

Alligator Splashing

Alligator Splashing

55 thoughts on “Don’t Give Me That Cute, Innocent Look!

  1. Why do guys always make me a bit nervous when they smile like that. It just screams “I’m up to something” or “I’m hungry and thinking you look kinda tasty. Why don’t you come a little closer? I promise, it will only hurt for a moment.” LOL!

  2. “… but we all know better, don’t we?!”

    Yes, we do. Of course we do! And no one will stop us!
    Unless he has sharper teeth than we do! 😛

  3. I don’t know Phil. I think you’ve hung around those gators a bit too long. When I see that last photo I don’t see bashful or shy, I see head turning to devour my next victim. Now I’m not saying there isn’t beauty but he didn’t exactly change into a cuddly teddy bear.

  4. Weird. The quality of the photos on the website are much better than those in my e-mail. I will have to remember to open them for a closer look. Cute? I guess that is subjective. 🙂

  5. Who’d have believed that alligators could have all those different expressions! I’ve learnt so much about them, Phil, thanks to you!

    • Thanks! He does look a bit embarrassed, but that is not normally their nature, they are the top of the food chain out there and usually they seem to know it. 🙂

    • So that look on is face is not fooling you huh Sylvia? Just remember though, if you want to throw him, you have to jump in there and grab him by the tail. I’ll be there to record the action if you want to give it a try. 😀
      Glad you like the pics!

  6. You won’t ever become complacent around these guys, right? That said, I think he is being coy. Great expression you captured. And yes, probably wrongly so, I think he is cute.

    • Well considering I almost stepped on one last week I guess I am getting rather close.
      Glad you think like the expression on his face and glad you like the pics!

  7. Well, I think he’s quite the darling – from a long way away and viewed on my computer screen. Are you sure he is being coy though? I wondered if he was saying ‘Well I missed out on the fish course today, look at my big mouth and nice teethies, perhaps you would make a tasty main course?’

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