Last Night At The Marsh Pond

It was a pleasant evening at the marsh pond last night. I took an overall shot of the pond with the 8mm fisheye just prior to sunset. The usual bird suspects were out doing their thing… we had a great egret and great blue heron fishing successfully. Naturally I had to include the obligatory shot of a young alligator lurking in the side corner of the marsh trying to stay out of trouble, which means keeping out of the way of the larger gators. Very nice evening and I might just go back and do it again tonight! 

Sunset at the Marsh Pond

Egret Fishing Late Evening

GBH Fishing Late Evening

Young Alligator Late Evening

40 thoughts on “Last Night At The Marsh Pond

  1. Nice pictures:

    1. Photo: Fish eye
    2. Photo: Sushi without rice
    3. Photo: Fish with Salad
    4. Photo: On lying in wait for the food at the photos 1-3


  2. To be honest now, I can’t think a photograph or post without Mr.Alligator 🙂 But seems that he wasn’t invitated to the fish party 🙂 Thanks and Love, nia

  3. I am looking each time now for a sweet young alligator face. Got one! I think the birds and sky take the prize here though. Those are great close up shots of the birds, and love the fish-eye.

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