A Cranky Alligator Is No Good For Anybody!

Earlier this week I saw these two alligators in the marsh pond looking like they were about to get very friendly. I figured the one in the foreground was a large male and the other a smaller female. I concluded this due to the fact that they stayed together side by side for a while. If it was two males they would not have gotten along at all, plus this larger one I recognized as being the one who feels he’s “head gator in charge” and his job is normally to patrol the pond and chase off all the smaller male rivals. I waited for a bit to see if there would be a love connection but possibly she was not in the mood because she just suddenly swam off to the side leaving our boy frustrated and alone.

At first he seemed to take the rejection well…he simply continued on in a leisurely float across the pond. But I quickly noticed that the big guy had stopped and seemed to be lifting his head up out of the water. Once he got his head all the way up he let out a loud bellow with a deep bass sound that could be heard across the marsh. So…apparently he was not too pleased with how his morning was going and with him in that kind of mood, it will be nothing but bad news for all the other alligators who might have been looking forward to a calm, stress free day! 

Unhappy Gator in Marsh Pond

Unhappy Gator in Marsh Pond

Unhappy Gator in Marsh Pond

Unhappy Gator in Marsh Pond

50 thoughts on “A Cranky Alligator Is No Good For Anybody!

    • Perfect description Katie, it is quite unique and intriguing yet can send chills down your spine at the same time. Those that have heard the sound are not likely to ever forget it. I have been out along side a foggy swamp in early morning and heard several close by start up, gets the ole heart pumping for sure!
      Thanks for looking.

  1. Ein zurück gewiesener Mann kann schon ganz schön schreien, hm?! Aber morgen ist ein neuer Tag und dann kommt ein anderes Weibchen und schon ist alles wieder gut! 😛

  2. Oh sorry, still again: A rejected man can scream quite nice, huh? But tomorrow is a new day and then comes another female and everything is good again! 😛

  3. Interesting to find out that lady alligators, as well as human ladies say “Not now, I’ve got a headache”!

    • Last I saw him he was swimming all the way across the pond but I did see him stop at one point where he caught and ate something so I guess food helped him forget his problems. 🙂

    • They really are quite fascinating. The more time I ended up spending around them, the more I see them do and learn about their behavior.
      Thanks for checking out the photos!

  4. 😆 I would have been happy to hear his deep bellow 🙂 What a story Phil, these takes leave me in awe both of these terrific creatures and your work 🙂

    • The crazy thing was…when he came up and started his bellowing I took a few photos then quickly switched over to video to hopefully get sound and action. But as soon as I did that he lowered his head and stopped.
      I have one quick one here in this 11 second video so you can get an idea of how it sounds.

      Thanks a lot Paula!

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