“Is It Safe To Come Out?”

Remembering the lessons his mom taught him back when he was a little tyke, Mr. A knows to always look both ways before walking out into a roadway. So he carefully ducks his head under a guardrail and takes a quick peek at the conditions before venturing out. Satisfied that all looks to be safe he takesΒ a slow stroll across on his way to the salt marsh where a weekend night of fun awaits. It takes a bit of work to climb over the rocks along the side but once down in the salt mud at low tide it’s all good for our friend!Β 

Alligator Carefully Walks Across Causeway

Alligator Carefully Walks Across Causeway

Alligator Carefully Walks Across Causeway

Alligator Carefully Walks Across Causeway

Alligator Carefully Walks Across Causeway

Alligator Carefully Walks Across Causeway

Alligator Carefully Walks Across Causeway

Alligator Carefully Walks Across Causeway

55 thoughts on ““Is It Safe To Come Out?”

    • He is also probably relieved that he no longer has to look at me shoving a camera in his face. Sometimes even top celebrities such as Mr. A have had it with the paparazzi. πŸ™‚

    • Glad you enjoyed these, and that’s a good reason why I prefer photographing animals rather then people. The alligators don’t complain that I made them look fat, in fact, they prefer that they look as huge as possible. πŸ™‚

    • He is likely a bit less comfy walking exposed on a roadway, he is most safe and effective in the water, but he does not have much to worry about in his life, well other then a bigger alligator.
      Good question Deb, we can sometimes tell it’s the same one due to size, markings, location, and behavior. I have photos of an alligator catching crabs weeks apart. When I compared the photos later, I could tell for sure it was always the same one. But when they are in the water, other then very obvious size differences, it’s hard to tell.

    • He is quite the dapper dude indeed! And now that I think of it, the way he hurried back into the marsh slogging through all the mud that other alligator I saw may have been the lovely Mrs. A πŸ™‚

  1. I just love him. Must say, he looks really happy when he hits that water. His body seems to be saying “Ahhhhhh, it was worth the walk.” πŸ™‚

  2. Brave you are to capture these stunning shots!
    LOL – an alligator that looks both ways before crossing. A few days ago, hubby told me he saw a dog look both ways and wait for cars to pass before crossing the road. Smart animals.

    • The animals are a lot smarter then people often give them credit. The alligator walking into the salt marsh will often only go at low tide. But how does it know when that is? It can not see the area. πŸ™‚

  3. Phil, I love this series! I do have a question though. It looks like you were at ground level just across the road from Mr. A. That would put you 18 to 20 feet away from him, right? From what I hear these creatures can move fast when they want to, or is that crocs I am thinking about? Isn’t that getting a little too close, or are you farther away than it appears? I keep forgetting you are shooting a 420mm lens, not a 300mm. Still, I think I would prefer my 500mm or 700mm lens which would allow me more distance! [b]GREAT SHOTS AS ALWAYS![/b] Jim

    • Hey Jim thanks a million for checking these out and I really appreciate your very kind comments!
      I estimate I am more like 8 feet from the alligator in these photos and was using a 70-200 not the 420 and pic #4 was at 85mm so I was close. 😯 And yes they can move quite quickly, I have seen them run. I just hope to remain lucky. πŸ™‚

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