Spoonie Is Not Happy

This morning I took advantage of what I thought was a break in the rain we’ve been getting pummelled withΒ for the past two days and went over to the salt marsh to check out a spoonbill that was feeding there along with some wood storks. For the first few minutes everything was fine and the spoonbill was feeding happily. Then the rain started again and it really came down hard this time! When I last saw our pink friend he was just standing there looking rather disgusted with the whole situation.

I also took a few seconds of video so you could see how it was really pouring…

Spoonbill in the Rain

Spoonbill in the Rain

Spoonbill in the Rain

47 thoughts on “Spoonie Is Not Happy

  1. Although soaked to the skin, you still make him look quite handsome. I hope they hang around for awhile so I can continue to enjoy them until they head this way.

    • Those adults can get a little rough looking when they get their ‘old man’ heads. The juvies are cuter with their white fluffy heads but they are also less bright pink.
      Thanks for looking Molly!

  2. I know exactly how he feels. Vancouver is known for its many days of rain. I love following your blog – always a story, always a smile and always a great welcome!

    • Days like this are fairly rare for us it’s almost always a sunny day here so I don’t think even the animals know what to do with any kind of severe weather. Even the alligators seemed to stay inside their little gator huts today. πŸ™‚
      I’m happy you enjoy the photos and stories!

  3. I hadn’t noticed the green head on the spoonie previously (blinded by the beautiful pink?) The head almost looks like a vulture… I wouldn’t mind taking a bit of that rain. Hope you kept the camera dry! πŸ™‚

    • The adults get that ‘old man’ head look. The youngsters still have their white fluffy heads but they are a much paler pink in color. We should be just about done with rain now it will be back to nice and sunny shortly. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, poor thing – he looks so sorry for himself! At the same time, Phil, it is comforting to know that even in your great climate you, too, get days of rain like that!

    • He does look fairly disgusted with the weather conditions. Even the animals are not used to it being anything other then a nice sunny day here. I didn’t see any alligators out in the marsh pond at all so I guess they must have all stayed inside and looked at movies all day same as the tourists that get skunked out of beach time on a rainy day.

    • He is quite disgruntled indeed! He came here expecting nice weather and gets rained on, so it’s not only the tourists who are disappointed I guess. πŸ™‚

    • He might exactly have been wondering why he was there because I went back this morning and saw zero spoonbills. Hope they didn’t get totally disgusted with the rain and leave, beautiful day here today though/

    • He looked very sad indeed and that was the last time we saw it. I guess he did not care for being wet all the time and left the area. Too bad too because it got so sunny every day right after the rain stopped.

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