I Knew This Guy Was Up To Something…

Yesterday evening I observed this alligator behaving in a suspicious manner in the marsh pond. At first he just came floating in, but then started doing this odd zig- zag pattern while staring at the side of the pond near where I was standing. I suspected he was scoping out the situation and sure enough he was…

Within a very short amount of time he very slowly and stealthily climbed up the bank of the pond and stuck his nose out from the brush to take a peek around. Then he decided to take a little stroll over to the other side where he climbed down along the rocks. Occasionally they get this sneaky sort of look and you know they are up to something! 

Gator Sneaking Around The Marsh

Gator Sneaking Around The Marsh

Gator Sneaking Around The Marsh

Gator Sneaking Around The Marsh

Gator Sneaking Around The Marsh

Gator Sneaking Around The Marsh

63 thoughts on “I Knew This Guy Was Up To Something…

  1. Thanks for your feedback on the ‘right-click’ post, which led me back to your site. Wow, I loved every single image, the gators, the spoonbills (beyond gorgeous!) and the stories that go with them. Once in Louisiana I was fishing from the bank for catfish. As I reeled on in, an alligator emerged from the water hyacinths in pursuit of the flopping fish. I found high gear and dashed up the bank, as I did not want to lose my rod and reel, and I did not want to tangle with a gator either!
    Of course, I loved this post!

    • Hey Lisa, thanks a million for stopping by here and I truly appreciate your very kind comments and also glad to hear you enjoyed the photos!
      Amazing story about the fish and the alligator, and no you would not want to lose your gear or get into a disagreement with the gator. 🙂

      • you are so welcome, it was my pleasure to bask in the beauty of those amazing images. we have many species down here, but i’ve not seen the spoonbills. the ibis and storks have been flying over a lot lately as if giving a private show.

        i’ll be back to see more when the connection’s faster,

        • Funny you should mention the wood storks and ibis, I went over to the salt marsh last night and we had woodies and ibis coming out of our ears, they were all over! 🙂
          Thanks for checking out the photos!

    • Well it’s good to know you are happy they are back in action once again. I went out last night hoping for spoonies but instead got gators which is OK with me. I was actually watching one other guy that was mostly only napping when this one floated in.
      I’m always ready to supply a much needed gator fix. 🙂

    • Yes Molly I was quite close. When he was resting his chin on the walkway he didn’t open his mouth part way like you see until he saw me. I hope he was smiling at me. 😀
      Thanks very much for looking and commenting!

  2. I like that fourth one, the mouth slightly ajar is the finishing touch! So I’ve been thinking about suggestions for your blog. Since you started that spoonie alert, I’m thinking you should have a special font colour whenever there’s a gator photo. It only seems right. You’re welcome … wait you minute, you technically didn’t actually ask for advice …

  3. Hmmmm….looks like a lot of tartar build up on those teeth in shot #4. Fantastic photos as always. You have become quite a student of gator behavior. Good tips if I ever happen to be near one. Thanks.

    • He could use a good teeth cleaning, maybe they should have a clinic once a month over there for them. Might have a problem getting some local dentists to volunteer for it though. 🙂
      Glad you like the photos!

    • Oh he is plenty sneaky alright Sylvia you are correct 100% about that. And those stubby legs are not built for a lot of walking around, they are much better suited for underwater stealth activity. 😯 😀

    • Yes, there is something to be said for the safety of the computer, but I’m betting you would enjoy seeing the big in person too! 🙂
      I appreciate you checking out these photos.

      • You are right I would enjoy seeing them in person. I saw some once in a preserve in Louisiana many years ago. It took us quite a while to realize the “logs” were crocs.

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