Well He Looks Hungry

Recently I was watching this alligator actively splashing around in the marsh trying to stir up fish and crabs for his dinner. From the looks of things I’m guessing he was rather hungry and…it’s turning into a bad night to be a fish or crab out there for sure! 

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

Alligator Feeding in the Salt Marsh

41 thoughts on “Well He Looks Hungry

  1. It looks like he’s trying to give a high five in the first picture…or wait, is he trying to kill something with his massive hand (is that what gators have)? And those claws! Great pictures making me once again, think alligators are cute!

    • We call ’em “paws”. I know it’s not technically accurate but it makes them sound much cuter and as you said, the cuteness factor is high! I’m glad you liked these pics and thought our boy here was cute but I don’t think I’ll pass that particular comment along to him. I’ll say you thought he looked ferocious. That should make him happy, which of course currently sums up my life, if I’m not working to make the cat happy I’m trying to make the alligators happy.

    • Oh boy that’s all we need is for these guys to start acquiring a taste for lobster. That could make some of the owners of the various seafood restaurants here along the inlet a but cautious, and the customers even more so.
      I think this guy here was pretty much stuffed with muddy goodness!

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