Spoonie Gets Photobombed

So last week I was watching this spoonbill in the marsh pond, concentrating on it’s reflection and hoping to get some interesting views. Spoonie was posing nicely and being very well mannered when suddenly a snowy egret marches itself right into my shot, bumps spoonie from behind and photobombs the scene! This of course creates ripples in the water which ends up spoiling the reflection potential, but snowball didn’t care, his work here was done and he just continued on his merry way! 

Spoonbill Photobombed

Spoonbill Photobombed

54 thoughts on “Spoonie Gets Photobombed

  1. Snowball also wanted to be seen at the photo. He definately knows what beautiful pictures you make! 😉

    • Oh I can guarantee that snowball thinks he is just the cutest thing ever. Those little guys are quite impressed with themselves. OK, I guess they are kinda cute… 🙂
      Glad you liked these pics.

    • So true Deb, and I suppose that’s part of what keeps me going out there so often, you never know what you might find on any particular day.
      So glad you enjoyed these photos!

  2. the story is great, but the photo of the spoonbill with its reflection is absolutely awesome. The color is especially interesting, and I love that frontal view. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spoonbill from the front!

  3. As everyone agrees, great shots! I missed the Spoonbills last year and this year have only seen one last week way back of the west end of the fresh water lagoon with the Wood Storks. Too far to get a shot. Where did you see this one up so close. I am desperate to get a photo of these great birds. Another photographer gave me your name yesterday 7/27/13 at Huntington Beach State Park to check your site. Glad he did. He was a young photographer. Great to see young people interested in things that lead them outdoors. I’ll be viewing you later! THX!!!

    • Thanks very much for stopping by Ben and I’m very happy you enjoy the blog and the photos! We are always thrilled to see the spoonies however they unfortunately do not seem to be hanging around much so far this summer. These photos were taken in the same area but a lot closer to the causeway so we had a few nice photo ops.
      That sounds like my friend Gareth that you met, he is a good guy and a terrific photographer.
      If you wish to see more spoonie pics feel free to check out the Category for blog posts:

      And the Gallery which has all different photos then the Category:

      • Hi again, It was Gareth. I am new to photography, about three years and I learned some things from him yesterday. We talked for almost an hour while taking photos on the causeway. Hope to see again. He is a great young Man. I joined CNPA but have not had the opportunity to go to a meeting yet, but need to. I can always use advise, pointers etc. I nearly exclusively take bird shots and love action (in flight/fishing) photos best. I waited for years for the prices to come down some to buy a decent camera. I got a Canon 7D few years ago and finally broke down and got the new 70-300mm L Series lens. I absolutely LUV this stuff and learning by trial and error. Thank God for digital or I would already be broke with all the no keepers :-] Getting better daily though!

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