Two Evenings…Two Alligators

Last week this first alligator was floating along in the marsh pond with the setting sunlight making the water sparkle as he went by.

Then last night the overcast sky combined with no breeze gave the water a smooth, glassy look. 

Alligator Swimming in Sparkle Water

Slow Evening Glide

29 thoughts on “Two Evenings…Two Alligators

  1. Normally I love the sparkles, but your buddy gets a bit lost in them. He looks like a jeweled necklace in the second shot. My vote goes to that one.

    • It is funny about the water colors, it happens often and naturally with the angle of the water ripples reflecting different colors. I didn’t alter it in any way that’s really how it looked!
      I like the second one the best I suppose.

  2. sometimes makes me afraid… 🙂 how smooth… but really? just waiting for the right time! for what… for attack of course 🙂 Great shots again. Thanks and Love, nia

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