Determined Stalker

This morning I was watching some tricolored herons fishing in the marsh pond. I was particularly impressed by this one juvenile tri that was using a fishing method more commonly seen by reddish egrets. This tri was putting up his wings and employing almost dance like moves as it stalked the tiny fish that it regularly feeds on. Although these maneuvers may appear almost comical at times, the method has a very high success rate and many fish became part of this entertaining youngster’s morning meal! 

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Pond

38 thoughts on “Determined Stalker

  1. The fish have been longing for cool shade. Under the wings they have found him. And there, the heron has found the fish. It’s easy! 😛

  2. Wings are captured in such detail, as is the fishing strategy. So pretty, and I can’t get away from those focused eyes. Unlike people, they know exactly what they should be doing at all times!

    • This bird was very focused on his job and I noticed a pattern as he fished. He worked the area in clockwise circles with wings up from 12 to 6, then wings down with his neck close to the water from 6 to 12.
      He repeated this method several times. Amazing.

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