The Family That Feeds Together Flies Together

Yesterday evening a spoonbill was feeding in a side corner of the salt marsh along with several white ibis. There was a typical mix of adult and juvenile ibis in the group. Suddenly they all decided they needed to immediately be somewhere else and they took off. I’m going to give the edge on speed to the spoonbill with it’s larger wings, but…the young ibis kept up with spoonie quite nicely! 

Spoonbill and Friends

Spoonbill and Friends

Spoonbill and Friends

Spoonbill and Friends

Spoonbill and Friends

Spoonbill and Friends

42 thoughts on “The Family That Feeds Together Flies Together

    • We do realize we are fortunate to have this environment near by and are able to take advantage of it. Plus I’m very happy folks enjoy the photos.
      I would like to head back to the marsh this evening because I’m betting the spoonies will be out and about but we have tickets for our local minor league baseball team tonight. Not sure I even want to go but it is dollar beer night so… 🙂

  1. I liked seeing the mixed flock. I never see that here. The marsh birds are all in their little cliques. Love your flight shots, nobody does it better. I sent your link to some local bird watchers. I am sure they will love your birds.

  2. What struck me most was the last photograph, and the upturned bill on one, the downturned bill on the other. Beautiful and complimentary — like so much of nature.

  3. They’re breathtaking captures, Phil. Tell me, do you ever miss? 🙂 I love all of them, but the last one, with the two birds’ bodies so in line they look choreographed till you realise the ‘shadow’ bird and the big flamboyant spoonie, are on the opposite flap – that somehow eclipses the two first flight pix – both extraordinary shots. 🙂

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