One Last Word…

Great Blue Herons can be vocal, very vocal. They often feel compelled to loudly announce both their arrivals and departures, and you can never miss that distinctive GBH squawk. Whether there is anyone nearby listening or not is basically irrelevant to this bird, I think he just likes to hear his own voice!

So late yesterday evening just as we were leaving the salt marsh area, I heard that familiar sound and turned just in time to see this blue heron arriving.  I got these photos as he flew in low across the marsh reeds, proudly and boldly announcing his presence to any and all who may, or may not be around. He quieted down to make his touchdown landing and had a look on his face in that last photo like he was thinking to himself…”yup, nailed that one.” 

GBH Landing in Salt Marsh

GBH Landing in Salt Marsh

GBH Landing in Salt Marsh

GBH Landing in Salt Marsh

GBH Landing in Salt Marsh

GBH Landing in Salt Marsh

49 thoughts on “One Last Word…

      • Looks better than the yellow, it was yellow wasn’t it? I suppose for perfection you would need a light coloured indigo. The trouble with a black background is you need a light coloured font don’t you? I had a black background on one of my blogs but chucked it in the end, it can be striking for some photos, but it can be hard on the eye for the text, so I use Duotone for that blog now, mainly ‘cos it’s fun to see what colour background DT throws up for the photos.

  1. I saw a great blue heron this morning in the creek I walk beside every day and thought of you, Phil! Herons are around here, but I rarely see or hear them. Now I come back and find these great photos of ….. a great blue heron. What a coincidence! Thanks for the shots. You’re right about the last one – he looks like a gymnast who just stuck the perfect landing!

    • I’m glad you liked these Deb. The GBH is probably my favorite bird they have a lot of personality. I took a ton of spoonbill photos last night but when I took these I knew it would have to be today’s post.

  2. Hope you make that blue for the text a really, really light blue or we won’t be able to read it against the black background. I keep shuffling the list, but I think the GBH is currently and quite solidly at the top. I love seeing these guys, even more than the egrets.

  3. Nailed it for sure. Landing gear down, next to last image, is pretty cool. But you really have to love the last shot with the peacock….err …Heron Strut going on. Nice low light images, Phil.

    • Thanks Steve, and yes it was end of evening, so light was pretty much awful but I had to go with these anyway because I just like these big guys so much! he also stood around lie he was waiting for some applause after that landing.

    • Thanks a lot Lucy, glad you like these! It’s funny how in the late evening light the heron did turn a bit purple, but they do have some red and maroon on them, so mix that with blue and you get purple. 🙂

  4. The last photo looks like a super model on the runway showing off the dress under an evening coat. Love the landing strut. Nice photos as always. I linked your osprey post so readers can see your wonderful flight photos. Have a great day, Phil.

  5. 1) Waiting for him there in silence… it is great job.
    2) and taking his pictures without missing any action…
    3) the colours, light, composition, etc. they are all done in perfect way…
    4) heron is a beautiful bird…
    5) nature world is amazing…
    6) finally you are a great photographer, always your camera fascinates me.

    and I admire what you did all…

    Thank you dear Phil, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  6. This heron looks surreal with its flashy colours and what a poser. I just love him. I will not bug you for the video this time :D, though I would like to hear it 😀

    • Oh dear, the ones around here feel compelled to loudly announce all activities. You hear them before you see them and if they are down in the marsh reeds you may not ever see them.

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