Spoonbill Incoming

Two days ago I watched this spoonbill take off from the salt marsh and I thought it would fly further out looking for a new feeding spot. But instead, it did one loop around and decided to head into the same pine tree where all the wood storks were congregating.

It was funny seeing the one wood stork (seen in the first three photos)  watch the spoonie carefully as it approached but, upon realizing spoonie was not planning to land on his head, the stork lost interest. Then the wood stork on the right took notice, as well as the one under the spoonbill, and by photo 6 you can see the two above looking down on the expected landing. Finally spoonie finds an empty branch and settles in, but that apparently did not please one wood stork who felt the need to immediately leave the tree.

Soon after this I was treated to a rare display of affection by a pair of wood storks in the same tree and that series of photos is a post for another day… 

Spoonbill Flies Into Pine Tree

Spoonbill Flies Into Pine Tree

Spoonbill Flies Into Pine Tree

Spoonbill Flies Into Pine Tree

Spoonbill Flies Into Pine Tree

Spoonbill Flies Into Pine Tree

Spoonbill Flies Into Pine Tree

Spoonbill Flies Into Pine Tree

46 thoughts on “Spoonbill Incoming

  1. I never realized that birds this big hung out in trees. Is that because I’m from Iowa and all we have are blue jays, cardinals and sparrows? Hello blonde moment 1,298,745. Jeez! I love the series – especially photo two. And as always…that pink text! Happy Labor Day!

    • You should see when a whole bunch of them try to cram themselves onto sometimes shaky branches. It can be comical to say the least.
      Almost left off the pink text this time, but glad I went with it.
      Enjoy your weekend!

    • Well it’s been funny because we are convinced that many of the typical birds we might see such as egrets, herons, ibis, wood storks etc. have likely never seen a spoonbill and probably don’t quite know what to make of it. Some birds seem to walk around next to them in the salt marsh not even feeding just staring at the big goofy pink birds in bewilderment.

  2. Is this the same guy making all the trouble in the pond? If it is then he is obviously nothing but trouble wherever he goes. 🙂 Or is that just typical spoonie trouble-making in their genes? Pretty comical collection, Phil.

    • This was not our resident trouble maker, it was another individual. But those spoonbills can be goofy and often create problems without even realizing it. 🙂 Thanks Steve!

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