Egrets New Friend

Actually these two egrets looked a bit confused when our pal Mr. A interrupted their fishing this morning when he came gliding in between them. Everyone remained calm and well behaved however, since a nice quiet, peaceful Sunday morning is best for all involved. 🙂 

Egrets and a Friend

31 thoughts on “Egrets New Friend

    • There were several alligators out this morning in and around a large group of wading birds. Everyone got along fine which was nice to see. Sunday morning mayhem is no good for anybody.

    • Hey thanks very much, glad you enjoyed the composition here.
      I think he very well could be chuckling. 🙂 They often have the bottom portion of their mouth that’s under water, open just a bit to make it easier to laugh or quickly grab something that happens to be nearby.

  1. King of water, peaceful or not. Water is beautiful in this photo. Wonder what Mr. A might be doing under there though … maybe he’s got his mouth open and things are going in!

    • Well they will keep their eyes open just in case Mr. A gets any crazy ideas. Although the alligator can move very quickly in his environment, the birds can also be off in an eye blink.

    • Oh yes, those birds were not just born yesterday. They know it’s best to let Mr. A pass and give him room. They did the same a bit later when he turned around and came right back again between the two.
      Thanks for looking Steve!

    • We often have a period of calm after a major feeding frenzy. It’s like a switch gets flipped and they all just sort of slow down and get relaxed at practically the same time. Funny and interesting to see.

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