I Thought Something (Or Someone) Was Hiding In There

Last week while walking along the edge of the marsh pond I noticed this suspicious looking dark shape in among the weeds. I had an idea of what, or who, it would turn out to be and sure enough…within a few minutes who do I see come walking out with a sneaky grin on his face?!? Of course it’s our old pal Mr. A once again taking a pleasant little afternoon stroll over to the salt marsh likely with visions of nice crunchy crabs dancing in his head. 🙂 

Alligator in the Weeds

Alligator in the Weeds

44 thoughts on “I Thought Something (Or Someone) Was Hiding In There

    • He is a sneak! And you know what makes it all the more sneaky?!?…they are super quiet too. You would think they would make a racket lumbering around in the weeds but it never made a sound.

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